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Cottage Percussion

Leo Val
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(The preview is heavily compressed to show the range. Actual files are much more dynamic.)

Audio sample pack of various metallic objects found on our family cottage.

Great for sound design or making some interesting experimental sample instruments (check the Rake bass).

The samples were recorded with ZOOM H6 with the stereo mic on in 96khz 24bit.

I did some light editing to some samples with Izotope RX-7 De-noiser and Reaper spectral editor but otherwise the samples are as is from the recorder.

The recordings were made outside on a hot summer day so when compressing the heck out of these you start to hear the wind rustling tree leaves, birds, neighbours kids playing in the water on the other side of the lake, etc. At least I tried to remove all the seagull screams so you don't have to.

What you get:

190 samples divided to:

Iron kitchen top (24 files)

Metal container (50 files)

Metal lid gong (42 files)

Rake bass (19 files)

Rake rattle (22 files)

Scrapyard gong (20 files)

Trash Bell (12 files)

in 96khz, 24-bit wav. files.

Please, let me know any improvements I can make, I'm open for feedback :)

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190 outdoors-y metal clinks, clanks, rattles and booms.

139 MB

Cottage Percussion

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